Because a mediator’s essential purpose is to facilitate discussions between parties to a dispute, you should select a mediator with a deep familiarity with either the law applicable to your conflict or the context of your dispute. In this regard, please review the specific areas of my expertise to determine if I would be the best mediator for you. They are:

Employment cases
I have mediated over a hundred cases involving claims of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, breach of employment contract, defamation and/or discrimination on the basis of age, race, gender or disability, offering the process the benefit of my significant experience prosecuting or defending such cases on behalf of individuals and companies of various sizes.

Business Disputes
I have maintained a successful and broad and active employment and business litigation practice for over 31 years, with significant jury and court trial experience involving a wide range of conflicts, including contract disputes, fraud, wrongful termination and/or defamation

Real Property disputes
In the area of real estate law, I have represented individual homeowners, homeowners associations, developers, contractors and/or subcontractors in cases involving allegations of construction defects. I also have extensive experience in cases involving breaches of contract and/or fiduciary duties attendant to the sale of real property, most commonly involving fraud and/or breaches of duties of disclosure.

The best source to assist in your evaluation of any mediator is to ask those who have engaged that mediator’s services. Upon request, I would be pleased to provide you with the names and telephone numbers of attorneys whose cases were successfully resolved with my assistance.


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