Half-day reserved session flat rate (4 hours)
$ 2,000
Full-day reserved session flat rate (10 hours)
$ 4,000
Hourly rate for unreserved time
$ 500
Travel rate (to non Bay Area locations, only)
$ 250
Hourly rate for phone conferences

No administrative fees will be charged.

Travel time to non-Bay Area locations is charged at a $250/hour travel rate. Travel expenses (hotel, airfare) are not included in the daily or hourly rates and are billed separately after the conclusion of the mediation session.

Parties are not charged for the first two hours of time incurred to review documents or statements provided in advance of a mediation session. If more than two hours is necessary to review materials submitted in advance of the mediation session, the parties will be charged at a $250/hour reading rate.

Payment Policies: Full payment of the mediation fee is to be tendered prior to the commencement of the mediation session. Payments are refundable if the mediation is cancelled prior to the scheduled mediation date. Time incurred in excess of reserved time, and any travel expenses, will be billed at the conclusion of the mediation and due upon receipt.

Fees are to be paid in equal shares by the participating parties, except where the parties have provided the mediator with a copy of a written agreement that provides otherwise.


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